You can now get a ‘unicorn license’ from LA County Animal Care

Weeks after the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Control went viral for granting a “unicorn license” to a girl who asked if she could keep one of them if she was lucky enough to find one, The department announced that you can also have a unicorn. Get your own unicorn license.

It all started in November when the department received a letter from 7-year-old Madeline. Madeline asked if she could put a unicorn in her backyard if she found one. Madeline met with the department a few weeks later. The department approved her license application after agreeing to several “conditions”, such as allowing the animal regular access to sunlight, “moonlight and rainbows”, and having her horns polished monthly. The correspondence between the letter and the department quickly went viral.

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“Kind people sent Madeline gifts such as unicorn fleece blankets, unicorn stickers, and unicorn books,” said Marcia Maeda, LA County Animal Control Director. “The company that makes Plushible unicorns sent Madeline a giant unicorn that was about the same size as her. Madeline was overwhelmed and excited.”

To further honor Madeline, the department launched the ‘Madeline’s Magical Unicorn Fund’. This allows contributors to receive their own pre-approved Unicorn license and a permanent Unicorn license tag. According to Mayeda, the fund will help “support the adoption and care of unicorns and other less mystical animals” in Los Angeles County, and “Madeline is happy to help animals in her name.” There are,’ he added.

For more information on how to donate and secure a unicorn license, please visit

With so many pressing issues in our department, why are we dealing with children,” Maeda asked in a press release. We have all been in some way. When I was a child, I remember how influential it was when adults took the time to respond to me and listen to my concerns. It went much further than this. It seemed to get to the heart of what many people want to see in the world – innocence, compassion and a little bit of humor.”

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