Wilton animal shelter hosts holiday food drive for cats

Wilton’s Animals in Distress is working to help cats awaiting adoption keep their bellies full for the holiday season. A non-killing animal shelter is hosting a food drive for cats in need.

“We have a lot of great supporters who are protecting the kittens and the food,” said Animals in Need President Catherine Reed. “Obviously they eat all the time, so they always need food.”

To celebrate Christmas, volunteers dressed as Santa visited the cat, who was delivered a decorated box in a truck with the license plate “Merry Xmas.” The shelter is “free-roaming” style and equipped with cat toys so the animals can roam and play freely. To avoid overcrowding, she keeps the number of cats in her shelter to no more than 20.

“We love them and take care of them the best possible until they find a nice home, hopefully a ‘forever’ home.” That is our goal.

When the shelter was running low on food, volunteers posted a need on Reddit and were flooded with donations. But Reid says shelters still need food, especially wet cat food.

“Donations came in and it’s been good. It’s definitely gotten better. People are responding. We’re very grateful,” Reed said.

A cat in Wilton’s Animals in Distress.

animals in distress / donations

Food can always be deposited in the trash can outside the shelter. The shelter also accepts direct monetary donations, and Reed said the donations will only be used for animal improvement.

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