Webb County Sheriff’s Office awarded over 1K animals to agencies that care for children

The Webb County Sheriff’s Office awarded more than 1,000 plush toys to various agencies that provide care to children during a potentially traumatic time, at a press conference held Wednesday.

“Over the past nine years, we have provided over 13,000 stuffed animals to agencies caring for children involved in traffic accidents, domestic violence, situations of physical or sexual abuse, or in hospitals where children are crying. I was..

Cuellar said the story began nine years ago. He said it’s their way of doing their part for the community and delivering these animals when there’s a lot of tension. It could be a hospital or other place with children in need, he said.

In September, the Sheriff’s Office called on students at all school levels and communities to donate new stuffed animals to help vulnerable minors.

Cuellar remembers working for the Public Security Bureau in the 1980s.

“Accidents can be very traumatic for children, so we give them teddy bears to keep them calm,” Cuellar said.

This action not only works for children, but it has also been successful in the most severe cases in adults. I gave him a teddy bear.

“A DPS agent took her to the substation and I arrived, so I gave her a teddy bear and she immediately calmed down and hugged me. It definitely acts as emotional support,” he said. Told.

Cuellar thanked students and communities at all school levels for making it possible to bring peace and comfort to young children.

“We didn’t put this together by ourselves. We can’t do it alone,” says Cuellar. “We have over 1,000 stuffed animals to deliver today. We want to thank everyone who came here and did their job.”

Teddy bears were delivered to various institutions. When it came time to deliver the stuffed animal to the Webb County District Attorney’s Office, Cuellar congratulated the prosecutor for his work on the Ortiz Capital murder case.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Webb County District Attorney Isidro ‘Ciro’ Alanis and his staff for working on the case of Juan David Ortiz. They have done an excellent job,” Cuellar said.

José Espinoza, a spokesman for the Laredo Police Department, thanked the sheriff’s office for the support they received.

“We patrol officers give us the opportunity to give teddy bears to children in tragic events that can be traumatic for children. You can know that the police officers are not just here to deal with what is wrong, but to offer support.

Police Chief Benito Martinez of the Laredo Police Department said the stuffed animals help officers work with children.

“During our patrols, we have seen many children affected by various events, and this helps us gain their trust,” Martinez said.

Veronica Valdez, director of social services at the Webb County Children’s Advocacy Center, spoke about how these teddy bears are helping them in their work.

“After serving minors, we give them toys so that they don’t feel sad about what they have gone through. or strong talk,” she said. “The center is such a harmonious place and I am very happy that they do not want to leave. We want to make sure they feel comfortable that they want to come back to play.

Agencies that have received teddy bear donations include UISD Police Department, Webb County District Attorney’s Office, Rio Bravo Fire Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, Safe Haven, Webb County Fire Department, Laredo City Police Department, SCAN and Casa de. Misericordia, LISD Police Department, Webb County Child Advocacy Center, Doctors Hospital, Laredo Medical Center, Casa de Misericordia, Laredo Fire Department.


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