Watch This Guy Ride North America’s Northernmost Train Through Alaska

Ever dreamed of taking a train through America’s most remote and beautiful wilderness? That’s what Mike, better known as YouTuber DownieLive, did in this video. In the final installment of his travel vlog series on rail travel, he and a few friends boarded North America’s northernmost railroad station in Fairbanks, Alaska. Their experience allows you to check calendars and ticket prices to plan your trip to Alaska!

train in alaska

The train station in Fairbanks, Alaska is part of the Alaska Railroad, the northernmost railroad in North America.

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Journey begins in Whittier, Alaska and travels 2.5 hours by train to Anchorage. Mike and his crew are overwhelmed by the majestic wilderness of America’s Last Frontier. They can’t take their eyes off the windows, sipping on views of mountains, canyons and rivers that have changed little over the centuries. It’s really like traveling back in time. The train goes through some claustrophobic tunnels. Very narrow trains must pass in turn and slow down so as not to hit the side. In this first short trip, they have seen a lot more than they expected.

The second day of the trip is a 12-hour drive from Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, to Fairbanks. This time, use a Gold Star class ticket to get on his second floor of the double-decker train. It features huge curved viewing windows and an outdoor observation deck that provides unobstructed wilderness views. Your $400 ticket includes three meals in the comfortable dining car and two alcoholic beverages at your seat. Their route passes through Denali National Park with mist-shrouded views of Mount Denali itself, the largest mountain in North America. Along the way, the train slows down at scenic spots, such as a century-old railroad bridge, and where there is a risk of falling rocks.

wildlife they saw

Tallest Animal: Alaskan Moose
The Alaskan elk is the tallest mammal in North America, standing 6 feet tall at the shoulder.

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It takes a keen eye to spot wildlife in the vast terrain, but we were thrilled to see a few moose. These are the tallest mammals in North America, standing 6 feet from ground to shoulder. Despite its size, its brown coat camouflages it against its natural background. The best time to find them is at dawn or dusk, so Mike and his friends were lucky enough to see these during the day.The dining car menu lists reindeer his sausage for breakfast Try it out and get even closer to the wildlife. Reindeer, also known as caribou, have been a staple food for indigenous peoples of the Far North for thousands of years. When I ate it, I understood why it was “chewy but delicious.”

Overall, Mike says it was one of the best train trips he has ever had. “When traveling by train, don’t be in a hurry, but just relax and realize where you are.” His advice: “You are the only one chasing your dreams. is good.”


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