Watch a Bear Attack an Inflatable Christmas Reindeer Decoration

With mother and cubs on the scene, you’ll find a balance between mischief and discipline. Across species, this is often the case. Bear cubs are like toddlers, curious and playful. They explore their surroundings with a sense of innocence and wonder. They also fight, which is an important part of growing up. It finally teaches them how to protect themselves when they are alone.

A cub has a responsibility to obey its mother, heed her instructions, and respond appropriately when trained. They enjoy this time with her mother for a year and a half to two years before she sends them off on their own. She then begins mating again and the cycle continues.

The mother bear gently nibbles on the snout of the cubs lying on the grass to let them know who is the boss.

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The clip begins with a shot of a neighborhood in Monrovia, California. There are cement pillars, a driveway leading to the house, and a few cars parked on the street. The background is lush with lots of trees. The home’s front yard features a hilarious display of Santa Claus, a glowing snowman, and a giant inflatable reindeer. It’s hard to tell at first because the bear’s color blends into the reindeer.

But when you inflate it and start watching the reindeer swing around, you realize there’s a bear in the middle of the neighborhood. Just as the little bear knocks down its reindeer in a way only bears can, we see a much larger bear approaching from the left side of the screen, possibly a mother bear.

Without a size comparison, you wouldn’t know that the first bear was actually quite young. But when the mother bear appears, the first bear’s size is like child’s play. Well, it’s all about bear cub play! The bear has an inflatable reindeer neck that it chews and paws at. It is strange that it does not shrink immediately.

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A mother bear is watching from afar. She then approaches and retreats several times, as if to assess how much damage she intends to do to the bear cub. is. Finally, the cub takes off and looks back (perhaps with pride and satisfaction) at the inflatable decoration with her broken leg with the mother bear.

The reindeer is now helpless and doesn’t look as lively as it did at the beginning of the video, but the bear cub makes a final sneak attack and grabs onto its inflated horns. It moves quickly and runs off-screen after its mother.

A seemingly ordinary day in Monrovia, California, turns into a rare sight when a mother bear sees a cub chasing an inflatable reindeer on someone’s lawn.

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