Tiller Veterinary Clinic catches fire; employees risk lives to save animals

Wascom, Texas (KSLA) – The Wascom Fire Department (WFD), Elysian Fields Fire Brigade, and Harrison County Fire Department are all fighting the blaze at the Tiller Veterinary Clinic.

At 11:20 am on December 16th, WFD received an emergency report of a fire at the Tiller Veterinary Clinic at 810 Spur 156, Wascom. When they arrived, they found the veterinary clinic in flames.

According to WFD Fire Chief James King, veterinary clinic employees were actively trying to rescue animals from inside the building while it was on fire. Therefore, the employee was terminated.

Most of the animals were saved, but sadly 6 cats and 2 dogs died as a result of the blaze.

All employees and customers were able to evacuate safely.

One employee who proactively rescued animals was taken to a hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana after inhaling smoke. she is in stable condition.

WFD said the building that caught fire was a total loss.

A total of 18 firefighters were involved in fighting the blaze.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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