The Flag of Pakistan: Historical past, Which means, and Symbolism

Pakistan, formally referred to as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a rustic positioned in South Asia. The nation borders Iran and Afghanistan to the west, China to the northeast, and India to the east. The nation is a part of the Indian subcontinent, has a Muslim majority, and was created in 1947 on account of the partition of British India. Since each nations turned unbiased in 1947, Pakistan has been distinguished from its bigger southeastern neighbor by being predominantly Muslim, in distinction to India, which is predominantly Hindu.

Pakistan is a federal republic with two parliaments. The president serves as head of state and the prime minister serves as head of presidency. The nation can be a multi-ethnic nation with a various inhabitants when it comes to language and faith, and the official faith of the nation is Islam.

The aim of this text is to elucidate the background and significance of the flag of Pakistan. Data of the nation’s historical past is required to grasp this flag resolution. Learn on for extra data.

Traits of Pakistan

Pakistan is the fifth most populous nation on this planet.

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Pakistan is a really populous nation. With a inhabitants of over 231 million, she is the fifth most populous nation on this planet and her second largest Muslim nation after Indonesia. With a land space of ​​881,913 sq km (340,509 sq mi), she is the thirty third largest nation on this planet and her second largest in South Asia by space. The territories now occupied by Pakistan have lengthy been a route of navy conquest and a hub of individuals and tradition. In different phrases, this nation is her one nice melting pot of various cultures which have discovered methods to coexist peacefully.

The Himalayas to the north of Pakistan have lengthy been the bodily and cultural divide between South and Central Asia. As a pure consequence of geologically younger mountain ranges, the north and west of the nation are sometimes susceptible to seismic exercise. The inhabitants is mostly briefly provide. A lot of the nation’s inhabitants is unfold throughout a number of cities, with probably the most populous metropolis having he over 16 million inhabitants.

The nation’s various inhabitants is split into 5 main ethnic teams. Punjabis are the nation’s largest ethnic group, making up greater than half of the inhabitants. The remainder of the inhabitants is break up between Pashtuns, Sindhis, Muhajirs and Baroques. Pakistan can be typically linguistically heterogeneous, with no single language frequent to the whole inhabitants. Though Urdu shares an official language with English, it’s the main and prevalent language used for inter-ethnic communication in Pakistan. It’s the official language of the nation. Nevertheless, there are lots of different languages ​​used as main languages ​​by some ethnic teams, comparable to Punjabi, Sindhi and Hinduko. Islamist rules and practices permeate almost all elements of Pakistani tradition, with a big portion of the nation’s inhabitants both Muslim or not less than adhering to Islamic practices. As well as, the nation has a small however sizeable Christian neighborhood. It has followers of many various denominations, however Roman Catholicism is the commonest.

founding of pakistan

The territory that features present-day Pakistan is dwelling to among the earliest historic human civilizations in South Asia. The Early Paleolithic Soanians have been the primary recognized inhabitants of the area. Islam rose to energy within the area from 642 to 1219 AD, however the concept of ​​Pakistan didn’t emerge till his nineteenth century. No half of what’s now Pakistan was underneath colonial rule till the small village was captured by the British in 1839 and used as a port and navy base. The remainder of the nation was occupied by him in 1843, and what’s now Pakistan was a part of the British Indian Empire till its independence in 1947.

Jinnah, chief of the Muslim League and the nation’s first governor-general till his loss of life in 1948, was additionally the primary speaker of the Nationwide Meeting. Pakistan was a monarchy inside the Commonwealth from her 1947 to her 1956, earlier than which Queen Elizabeth II was the final monarch. By 1958, nonetheless, the nation was declared underneath martial legislation, which lasted for about 44 months. After this era, authorities elections have been held in 1960, however the nation’s democratic period resulted in 1977. A number of wars broke out earlier than the nation lastly tailored to the present system of presidency.

The that means and symbolism of the flag of Pakistan

Pakistan’s flag as a complete represents allegiance to Islam and the rights of different minor religions within the nation.

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The flag of Pakistan has a inexperienced floor with a white crescent moon and pentagram within the heart and white vertical stripes on the winding edges. The nation is predominantly Muslim, and the inexperienced shade of the flag represents Islam. The distinctive shade of inexperienced used within the flag is so exceptional that it has been labeled “Pakistani Inexperienced” versus the extra frequent “darkish inexperienced”.

There are different minor religions within the nation, so the white on the finish of the hoist was added to indicate these minorities. The pentagram and crescent are additionally symbols of Islam, with the pentagram representing gentle and knowledge and the crescent representing progress. As such, Pakistan’s whole flag represents allegiance to Islam and rights to different minor religions within the nation.

Historical past of the Flag of Pakistan

pakistan flag
The present Pakistan flag was formally adopted in 1947, three days earlier than independence.


Like most nations which have had a number of rulers within the type of empires, Pakistan has seen a number of flags. It’s a triangular-shaped flag with a , and this flag was used underneath the Mughal Empire. The nation skilled different flags underneath different empires earlier than turning into a part of the British Empire. Throughout this time, the white and purple striped flag of the British Union flag was used. The Indian star was ultimately added to this specific flag.

Nevertheless, the flag of the All India Muslim League has been the inspiration for Amiruddin Kidwai’s design of the present flag. Because of this the flag of British India didn’t affect the present Pakistani flag. The present flag was formally adopted in 1947, three days earlier than independence.


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