Shelter animals in Montour County in need of homes

Adoptions are declining, and the SPCA in Pennsylvania near Danville has seen some new residents move in due to the cold weather.

Montour County, Pennsylvania — Rebel lived in the SPCA, Pennsylvania, near Danville for a year, half his life. Rebel and his friends await a permanent home, but the seasons at the shelter are slow.

“Honestly, it’s been a bit of a challenge getting people out. Our animals are staying longer just because people aren’t adopting them right now,” said Kristin Schwast.

Kristin Szwast is the Director of SPCA for Montour County. She says there is no shortage of animals while her adoption is dwindling.

“It seems as soon as you empty the kennel, it’s full of dogs,” Szwast said.

Szwast attributes this to the pandemic. 2020 saw a lot of pet adoptions around the world. it slowed down.

“People are back to work. They’re busy. In the last few years, everyone could hibernate at home, but now everyone is out,” says Szwast.

There’s something else the Pennsylvania SPCA had to contend with last weekend’s frigid weather. Most of the inhabitants here are livestock.

Szwast says some animals were also brought in over the weekend, including these goats. The shelter also dealt with frozen pipes and a broken washing machine. But something special happened on Saturday.

“The best part so far was getting one of our long-term residents adopted. It was worth it. I was crying tears of joy,” says Szwast. He said.

Szwast discourages people from buying animals as Christmas gifts and encourages families to get together and choose a forever friend.

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