Phoenix groomer accused of mistreating animals

Cruelty to animals caught on camera. A former employee of Critter Corral Pet Grooming says the owner abuses the animals.

The business is located near 32nd Street and Greenway Road in Phoenix.

One of the videos the former employee sent to ABC15 shows a dog being slammed onto a table during a grooming session, but that’s just one of the accusations in this case.

A former employee now wants the owner to go to jail.

We haven’t named the owner because no criminal charges have been filed, but we recently learned that the Phoenix Police Department is investigating at least one report of abuse.

“I witnessed her neglect those animals so much. It’s disgusting,” said the former employee.

The former employee, who requested anonymity, told ABC15 that she had to document the abuse for people to believe her.

“This store has such a good reputation that people don’t want to believe you because of your reputation,” she said.

She also reported the abuse to the Arizona Humane Society.

“She’ll be there, slap the dog in the face, go outside and say to the owner, ‘Oh, I love your dog,'” she told ABC15.

A former employee says the videos she shared with us were shot during three different grooming sessions.

“[You could see] She slammed them onto the table and stuck them in the face with clippers. I’ve seen her strike dog… grabbing her arm and trying to wiggle away. And she likes to slam it,” she said, recalling her documented moments.

Phoenix Police confirmed to ABC15 that a report of animal cruelty was received on Wednesday, December 14.

Since then, she says.

“I do not think so [the owner] I want to appear here now because there is so much going on.

ABC15 went to the office, but no one was there.

Many former employees, like Elizabeth Milo, reached out to ABC15.

“Unfortunately, I have witnessed some very frightening things,” Milo said.

The word gruesome is the best way Milo said he could describe what he saw.

She added that the owner was forced to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the dog while taking him to the vet because he groomed him too much while at work.

Now the former employee wants justice.

“I hope she goes to jail because she’s really an animal abuser,” one of them said.

“I hope she never touches another animal again,” Milo added.

ABC15 went to Critter Corral Pet Grooming and also to the owner’s house.

I knocked and heard people talking and dogs barking, but no one came to the door.

The Arizona Humane Society tells ABC15 that it has received reports of abuse at the business and at the owner’s home.

They are working with the Phoenix Police Department to provide any information they have.

ABC15 also received an email just before airing our story from someone claiming to be the owner of Critter Corral Pet Grooming.

She said part of it:

“I and the other girls who work there are completely horrified and I am closing the store already because all of us in the store are in danger and receiving death threats. .”

There was an interview request from ABC15, but there is still no reply from the person himself.

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