New York to ban animal sales at pet stores in 2024

New York state pet retailers to sell dogs, cats and rabbits in New York state in December 2024 under new law designed to stop supplying animals from so-called puppy mills will be prohibited.

Ho-Chol, a Democrat, said banning pet stores from selling pets would help protect animal welfare and crack down on abusive wholesale breeders. , joins a small group of other states, including Maryland, to similarly ban such sales. I keep the door open for

“Dogs, cats and rabbits across New York deserve loving homes and humane treatment,” Ho-chul said in a statement. Animal rights groups celebrated the bill’s signing, but some pet companies expressed concern that it would harm the legitimate operators of the industry.

Matt Bershadker, CEO of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said this was a “historic victory” for both animals and consumers. By ending the sale of puppy milldogs, New York State closes a pipeline that allows retailers and commercial breeders to profit from disrespectful cruelty,” he said in a statement.

Selmer’s Pet Land, located in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, warned in a Facebook post that the law would allow unethical breeders to thrive on the black market and make pets more difficult to obtain. Jessica Selmer, president of People United to Protect, said, “By ending licensed and regulated local pet stores, we are scrutinizing breeders and working with established veterinarians to ensure the health of new pets. You can eliminate the people who guarantee and guarantee the success of your new pet family.Pet Integrity was quoted in The New York Times as saying:

There are about 80 pet stores in the state, according to the report. The law will allow people to buy animals directly from breeders, according to the outlet. The bill received bipartisan support in the Democratic-dominated state legislature.

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