Marquette County couple rescues 47 animals from unhealthy situation

Westfield, Wisconsin – At Jennifer Phillips’ home in Marquette County, animals outnumber people 13 to 1, thanks to her nonprofit’s largest rescue effort yet.

Silver Lining Rescue and Rehabilitation usually accepts one or two animals at a time, but Phillips decided to take in 47 exotic pets just a few days ago when he heard about the unhealthy living conditions. .

“It was an incredible leap,” she said with a laugh. not.”

Phillips launched Silver Lining in August and recognized a gap in its service to exotic aquatic animals. She says dozens of pets, including ferrets, chinchillas, and geckos, need care, and their owners need a place to hand them over without judgment.

Knowing how big an animal rescue nonprofit could be, Phillips wanted to get her husband on board before starting.

Richard Phillips is a big animal lover himself, but had made some reservations because their home was so small. But what he also knew was how capable his wife was.

“It’s amazing to see her drive and dedication to making this something the community can be proud of,” he said.

Neither pair expected the nonprofit to grow so quickly or take in so many animals at once. But when they learned that dozens of animals had been turned over from Milwaukee homes, weren’t given proper food, and were living in cages under piles of junk, they gladly put up with the inconvenience.

Among the rescued animals were 4 chinchillas, 1 ferret, 7 hedgehogs and 3 parquet. Phillips said he hopes to expand the Silver Lining and open up space outside the home.

If you’d like to help run them, visit their Facebook page to learn more or donate to their PayPal and Amazon wishlists.

Phillips said they need anything from shredded paper for cages to something to help cover the animal’s medical bills.

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