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The National Assembly has submitted a bill to activate testing by using animal substitutes, and the impact on non-clinical (animal) tests in drug research is attracting attention. Animal rights groups welcomed the bill.

Opposition Democratic Party Rep. Han Jeong-ae

Last Friday, Rep. Han Jeong-ae of the opposition Democratic Party proposed a bill on the development, distribution and revitalization of test methods for animal substitution and reduction in non-clinical trials (animal substitution test reactivation law).

The proposed bill seeks support at the government level to share information on animal alternative testing methods, promote related research, and revitalize animal alternative testing methods.

According to the bill, animal substitution testing is a method that does not use or reduce animals using modern technology and other means.

In his proposal, Han said the lack of a legal basis for animal replacement testing methods and the lack of interagency guidelines limit the industry’s ability to support them.

For this reason, the Minister of Food and Drug Safety should formulate a five-year basic plan for revitalizing animal alternative testing methods in consultation with the heads of related central ministries and agencies, and operate relevant committees under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister. asked for .

Explaining the purpose of the bill, Rep. Han said, “There is a need to develop a legal system to share information on animal alternative testing methods using cutting-edge technology at the government level and promote related research and support.”

She also added that South Korea should strengthen public health “in line with scientific progress and global trends.”

The Humane Society International/Korea (HIS), an animal welfare group that has promoted the introduction of the method, welcomed the bill’s proposal.

According to HIS, South Korean government ministries and agencies have different guidelines for animal replacement testing methods, making it difficult to use internationally standardized methods.

“Following the introduction of a similar bill by Rep. Nam In-soon in December 2020, the latest motion will provide significant momentum to promote alternative animal testing methods,” said the HIS policy-making department. said So Borami, head of the

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