If the animals could speak: Charming new Christmas story takes readers inside Bethlehem Barn

According to legend, animals can talk for an hour on Christmas Eve. If this is true, what did the barn animals say on that first Christmas Eve?

Among the 2022 Moonbeam Award winning books children of bethlehemDebra Westgate-Silva, lightheartedly tells a young audience a classic Christmas tale from an animal’s perspective.

“This story was inspired by a church service I attended a few years ago, when the pastor referred to an ancient legend that during one hour on Christmas Eve, animals were given the gift of speech. said Westgate-Silva.

She soon began imagining different possibilities for children’s stories. What did the animals say on that first Christmas Eve? How would a cow feel when she realized she had a baby in her feeder? How would an animal know who the baby was?

Just as the whimsical animals came to life in Westgate Silva’s imagination, so did the message she wanted to convey.

“My goal was to create fun stories that kids would want to read over and over again, focusing on the true meaning of Christmas and the spirit of giving, caring and community,” said Westgate- Silva said.

With soft and beautiful artwork and a fun cast of animals, children of bethlehem A fun read for children ages 4-8 that teaches basic Christmas stories.

Hear the inspiration behind this story now on Connections.

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