Hillsborough Animal Control officers rescued a dog on I-275 overpass in Tampa

TAMPA, FL — Hillsborough County Animal Control officials rescued a dog trapped on the ledge of Interstate 275 beyond the Armenia exit.

Animal control officials said the dog escaped from its owner’s backyard by digging under a fence. County officials don’t know how the dog was trapped in the ledge.

Hillsborough County Animal Control Officer Nick Pibrucilli said, “It was on the ledge that was supporting the pole of the light, so there might have been a foot and a half of space where it could have landed there.” Told.

The rescue was recorded by a body camera worn by the Hillsborough County Animal Control Officer. It happened in Tampa around 10am on Monday.

“My only guess is that it was driving on an overpass and was frightened over by a large vehicle. No one has speculated how it actually got there.” Mr Pivulsiri said.

The animal control officer rescued the dog using a control rod. Florida Highway Patrol, Tampa Police Department, and Road Rangers helped direct traffic in the area while the rescue was underway.

“The dog was very friendly and the family was very happy to have the dog back. The actual owner was at work and my sister was home, so we brought her back home. They said the dog We’ve fixed everything so that you can escape,” said Pibrusiri.

The dog had a microchip, which was used to track the dog to its owner.

“Microchips are very important for animals.

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