Far Cry Primal: How To Tame Animals

Follow this guide to learn how to tame animals in Far Cry Primal.

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  • A quest to complete before taming an animal in Far Cry Primal

far cry primal is one of the best open world action series. The mechanics will be immediately familiar to fans of the series, but the prehistoric setting of 10,000 BC makes it feel like one of its most original creations.

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Taking players to another time and adding elements of magic and mysticism, far cry primal a Fantasy elements not found in the main series. His one of these mystical elements is the protagonist Tucker’s destiny to become the Beast’s master. This may or may not be a reference to his cult ’80s sword and sorcery movie of the same name. However, it does give the character the same power to communicate with and control wild beasts.

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A quest to complete before taming an animal in Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Tensei The Sherman

Visit Tensay The Shaman

After prologue And setting up camp with Sayla, she recommends that Tucker visit a mysterious shaman named Tensei. It might be tempting to roam off the beaten path and explore the prehistoric world, but go there and talk to him immediately to be Give Tucker the power to tame animals far cry primal.

  • Tensay locations are marked on the map.

Far Cry Tensay on the map

  • Along the way, Takkar also encounters the first campfire to unlock. Make sure you enable it rush trip Point first.

Far Cry Primal Nakti Bonfire

Far Cry Primal Defeating Udam

  • Tucker exits the cave. Go inside and trigger the next quest.

Far Cry Primal outside Shaman's Cave

Vision of Beast

  • Inside the cave, the shaman says he is waiting for the chosen warrior and begins performing the ritual.

Far Cry Primal inside Shaman's Cave

  • Tucker takes a drink from the skull, begins hallucinating, and finds himself in the Land of the Beasts.

Far Cry Primal The Owl Guide

  • Approach the owl to start the flight mission. This part of the mission can be difficult as Tucker must keep up with the birds. Remember that up means down and down means up.

Far Cry Primal in flight following an owl guide

  • Once the hallucination is complete, Tucker gains control over the bird, which functions like an eagle or a raven. Assassin’s Creed series. Used to mark enemies or find new waypoints. Find rare animals to tame.

taming a white wolf

Far Cry Primal Beast Master quest start

beast master quest

  • Go to a location on the map and beast master quest.

Far Cry Primal Beast Master Quest Map Location-1

  • After discovering the mutilated corpse of a wolf, D-pad up button Activate the owl to tag Udam’s enemies.

Far Cry Primal tracking enemies

  • Find and kill the Udam Hunter.then use tucker hunter vision Follow the footsteps to the White Wolf’s lair.

Far Cry Primal Hunter Vision Tracks Enemies

  • Truck eventually killed Tucker Walkwa’s CaveThe white wolf is on the far right.
  • Approach slowly from behind squatHold L1/LB to create bait with the weapon wheel and throw it with the R1/RB button.

Far Cry Primal Taming Beast

  • approaching and eating wolves, Press and hold the Square/X button to tame.

far cry primal white wolf tame

  • If you tame a white wolf, you can command it to attack and kill Tucker’s enemies on command.

Far Cry Primal Beast Command

  • The final step is to use your wolf to kill the enemy tribesmen. Follow the marks on the map to find Udam warriors near the stream.order the wolves to attack Aim while holding L2/LT and attack with R1.

Order the Far Cry Primal Wolf to kill Udam's warriors

far cry primal Available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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