Extreme Cold Coming; Use Common Sense with Animals, It’s the Law

With extreme cold and harsh winter weather continuing, Ann Pusey of the Vermilion County Animal Shelter says we have to remember that certain state laws regarding animal cruelty have been updated in recent years. increase. If animal control officers who go out find animals in distress due to extreme cold and weather conditions, they can remove the animals and give them appropriate shelter.

So when this kind of weather hits, use common sense and keep your animals inside the garage or shed, says Puzey. If they are an animal that must be outside, keep them in a small house or shelter with four walls and a roof overhead.

Audio: Well, it’s windy this weekend and everything is in order. everything jumps off. Cats and dogs there. A sudden drop in body temperature leads to hypothermia. So we’re just trying to warn people against bringing animals in.

Puzey says there are creative ways to keep your dog or cat warm and safe while in the garage.

Audio: Hot water bowl with extension cord. They have access to solid water. If you want to put a heat lamp in your garage. Store safely to avoid fire hazards. You can always make a cooler. Insulate them and drill holes for cats.

Anyone who has seen an animal in distress is encouraged to call Vermilion County Animal Shelter at 217-431-2660.

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