Uncover the Largest White Bass Ever Caught in Florida

Florida has an extended historical past of setting fishing information. The Sunshine State has produced some wonderful catches together with the biggest swordfish, sailfish and tarpon ever caught. White bass (also referred to as silver bass or sand bass) is among the hottest sportfish present in Florida’s Apalachicola and Ocroconee rivers. Many individuals journey to the Sunshine State searching for massive catches of white bass, however few are as fortunate.

Learn on to find fascinating particulars about record-breaking catches and different info about white bass.

White Base — Overview and Description

The top of the white bass is compact and pointed.

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White bass are freshwater fish with spiny rays which have elongated our bodies. This fish can develop to be about 10 to 17 inches lengthy and weigh a mean of two kilos. The flanks of the stomach are normally silver to white in coloration. They’ve a number of black traces or stripes that run horizontally alongside the size of the physique.

The top of the white bass is compact and pointed. The higher jaw extends past the attention, and the dorsal fin is especially double, divided right into a spiny half and a tender ray half. The fins are clear to darkish grey. Sportfish have a single stripe that extends to the tail.

Folks typically confuse this fish with different members of the temperate bass household, reminiscent of striped bass and hybrid striped bass. White bass is a well-liked sport fish for anglers. Anglers should be taught to differentiate between totally different bass species. It is because bass ceaselessly coexist in the identical reservoir.

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White bass additionally are inclined to have streamlined our bodies, making them wonderful swimmers. They will transfer shortly by way of the water and make sharp turns, which makes them troublesome to catch.

Largest white bass ever caught in Florida

The biggest white bass caught in Florida weighed 4.69 kilos.

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The typical white bass dimension is 0.5 to 1 lb and the common size is 9 to fifteen inches. On the whole, white bass should weigh at the least 2.5 kilos and be at the least 15 inches lengthy to be declared a trophy.

Richard Davis surpassed this benchmark when he caught an enormous 4.69 lb 14 oz white bass in Gadsden County’s Apalachicola River. This river is among the least polluted, undeveloped, and resource-rich rivers in Florida.

In Florida, white bass are widespread amongst sport anglers, as are different bass species reminiscent of largemouth and sunshine bass. Consultants attribute the speedy development price in Florida to heat temperatures and an extended rising season.

Largest white bass ever caught on the earth

Richard Davis’ catch is the biggest catch of white bass in Florida to this present day and is unlikely to be crushed anytime quickly. It is a lot smaller than the one I caught and the one Corey Crochet caught in Louisiana in 2010. Each anglers caught white bass weighing 6 kilos and 13 ounces. They’re now tied for the biggest white bass ever caught nationally and globally.

Different forms of bass have grown considerably, with some very notable entries within the present report. For instance, the biggest largemouth bass ever caught in Florida was his 17-pound fish caught by Billy O’Berry in 1986. Alphonso Barnes caught this fish within the Apalachicola River in 1993.

white bass fishing in florida

Florida is also known as the “Bass Fishing Capital of the World”. The state gives many nice alternatives for sport anglers to catch all kinds of bass fish. Florida anglers fish for white bass in giant numbers due to the species’ willingness to chunk synthetic lures and their annual spawning migrations. From January to April, white bass migrate upstream in rivers and stream tributaries, making it the perfect time to fish for white bass in Florida. Throughout the spring season, giant faculties of white bass congregate on the tops of reservoirs and river areas, making them extra susceptible to anglers.

Any angler thinking about catching bass species will discover nice alternatives in Florida’s shallow, productive lakes and luxurious greenery. White bass might be discovered within the Apalachicola River, Ocroconee River, and Lake Turkin. Some have additionally been discovered within the Escambia and Yellow rivers, however these are uncommon. The perfect season for white bass fishing is early spring (April to Could). Throughout this era, the fish step by step return to deeper waters and feed in giant numbers. This makes them extra more likely to chew the bait.

White bass have an aggressive temperament and assault baits and lures with all their would possibly. You’ll be able to catch bass utilizing casting, spinning sort out and fly gear. A small crawfish or grass shrimp connected to a hook is a handy bait to lure this fish. To fish white bass in Florida, you want a present freshwater fishing license from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fee.


The report for the biggest white bass caught in Florida by Richard Davis in 1982 has not been damaged. White bass is he one of the vital fascinating freshwater fish species to catch. Anglers of all ages and expertise ranges get pleasure from fishing for such a bass. For those who’re within the Sunshine State, you would possibly wish to attempt your luck by catching this fish. Perhaps you will be a report e book catch, too.


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