Uncover The Largest Flathead Catfish Ever Caught in Colorado

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Colorado is an exquisite state with many out of doors leisure actions. Hike by way of lovely mountains, camp in dense forests with gorgeous views, and fish in quite a lot of lakes. For instance, to benefit from the open air, you possibly can journey to Rocky Mountain Nationwide Park or Mesa Verde Nationwide Park.

Fishing in Colorado is a well-liked pastime and sport. Rainbow trout are probably the most frequent fish in Colorado’s lakes, streams, and rivers. Nevertheless, it’s also possible to discover some massive and spectacular pinkfish. Flathead catfish entice guests to the Pueblo Reservoir. However how large do these fish get? What’s the largest catfish ever caught within the state? Learn on to find the most important whitefish ever caught in Colorado.

About flathead catfish

Flathead catfish are the second largest catfish in North America.


Catfish is a big fish with a number of names. In some areas, they’re also called mad cats or shovelhead cats. Some folks with a dialect of the Ozark Mountains seek advice from this huge fish as a granny cat. North American freshwater catfish discovered within the Nice Lakes and northern Mexico.

look and dimension

Flathead catfish are distinctive in comparison with different catfish. Because the identify suggests, they’ve a flatter head than most different catfish species. The flathead catfish has olive sides and again and a white to yellow underside. Apparently, catfish differ in colour relying on their habitat. In clear water, catfish are strongly mottled from darkish brown to black. They’ve small eyes and huge protruding decrease jaws.

Flathead catfish are the second largest catfish in North America. They usually develop between 14 and 15 inches and weigh as much as 123 kilos. Nevertheless, some bigger catfish have been discovered to be over 61 inches, or 5 toes lengthy.

food regimen

These massive fish aren’t choosy eaters, however favor dwell prey. Flathead catfish are voracious carnivores that devour dwell prey corresponding to bugs, fish, earthworms and crustaceans. Some small catfish might eat smaller catfish. They get their senses by feeling the vibrations of the water. Particularly, they eat crawfish, American gizzards, channel catfish, sunfish, and carp.


Grownup catfish are so massive that they’ve few predators. Their commonest predators are people who fish for industrial and leisure functions, and different bigger catfish. Male catfish are aggressive and guard their nests and eggs. Nevertheless, it’s extra frequent for younger whitefish to fall prey to bigger catfish.

Largest flathead catfish ever caught in Colorado

The most important catfish ever caught in Colorado weighed 30.6 kilos.

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Colorado has many spectacular fishing data. The most important catfish ever caught in Colorado weighed 30.6 kilos. Michael Floch efficiently caught this fish in 2017 at Pueblo Reservoir. One other spectacular catfish file for him is the most important blue catfish caught in Colorado. In 2019, Randy Stillwell caught a 29.13-pound blue catfish at Pueblo Reservoir. The most important catfish ever caught in Colorado he was over 30 kilos, however the largest catfish exceeds that quantity. The most important catfish caught in Colorado was a channel her catfish. Jessica Walton caught her large channel catfish at Aurora Reservoir in 2010 when she weighed 43.38 kilos.

Whereas these massive catfish data are spectacular, Colorado catches bigger catfish. One of many largest fish caught in Colorado weighed 57.8125 kilos. In 2013 Brian Hussman caught a large grass carp at Cottonwood Park Lake. In 2007 Donald Walker caught his 50.35 lb. lake trout at Blue Mesa Reservoir.

Colorado frequent fish

There is no such thing as a scarcity of locations to fish in Colorado. The state has over 4,000 lakes and reservoirs. Colorado’s largest reservoir is the Blue Mesa Reservoir. Nevertheless, the angler fishes in one of many many lakes accessible. Lots of the largest data have been recorded at Pueblo Reservoir, Aurora Reservoir and Williams Fork Reservoir. Many mountain streams within the state are open to the general public and exquisite. Catch rainbow trout, kokanee salmon and brown trout. Moreover fishing, it’s also possible to camp, hike, and see superb surroundings whereas visiting Colorado. Colorado is nicknamed “Colourful Girlfriend Colorado” for its spectacular surroundings, particularly in autumn when the leaves flip crimson. When fishing, you’ll find the next frequent fish in Colorado.

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