Aurora Organic Dairy Demonstrates Progress Towards Its Animals, People and Planet Goals in Its 2022 Sustainability Report

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2022 / The country’s leading producers and processors of organic dairy products for the store-brand market are stepping up their land stewardship efforts with a focus on regenerative agriculture.

among them 2022 Sustainability Report, Aurora Organic Dairy provides a comprehensive and transparent update on its sustainability performance over the past three years.

Highlights include:

  • On company-owned farms to address climate change through holistic farming practices, no-till and intensive rotation grazing that sequester carbon while supporting soil health, water resilience and nutrient density commitment to renewable land management.
  • For the second year in a row, Aurora Organic Dairy has achieved the company’s 100% carbon neutral energy goal. This has been verified by an independent third party.
  • achievement Where food comes from CARE certifiedIt is the sustainability standard for the dairy industry and requires each of Aurora Organic Dairy’s company-owned farms to be audited for animal welfare standards, environmental practices and worker care standards.
  • We partnered with a university to evaluate the ability of organic feed additives to reduce intestinal methane emissions.
  • We have strengthened our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, with 38% of our oversight and management positions being held by women, up from 28% in 2019.

Aurora Organic Dairy’s herds graze over 15,000 acres of organic pasture on company-owned dairy farms in Colorado and Texas. Through the purchase of organic feed, bedding and other goods for animals, the company further supports his 75,000 acres of organic farmland operated by over 100 independent farmers. At this scale, Aurora Organic Dairy aims to make a positive impact on more animals, people and the planet through its commitment to animal welfare, employee care and environmental stewardship.

We have made significant progress towards our key global goals during the reporting period despite pandemic-related challenges. Aurora Organic Dairy has made progress towards its greenhouse gas emissions, water and solid waste reduction goals, in addition to meeting its carbon neutral energy goals for 2020 and 2021. Aurora Organic Dairy is committed to addressing climate change across its company-owned dairy farms and milk processing plants, aiming to reduce its environmental impact and to protect, renew and restore the earth’s resources. while benefiting businesses, animals and dairy. people and community.

Due to challenges related to severe weather related to the pandemic and climate change in the communities in which it operates during the reporting period, Aurora Organic Dairy stepped up its support of people and communities. The employee named his 2022 Top Workplace in the United States thanked Aurora Organic Dairy for the ongoing commitment it has to its employees.

“The past three years have been the most testament to Aurora Organic Dairy’s commitment to its mission and values ​​in its 46-year history. We stayed open 365 days a year, producing and delivering more milk than ever before and keeping dairy crates stocked when consumers needed healthy organic food the most.Aurora Organics We have invested in the health and safety of the Dailey family.”

Our sustainability goals include a number of initiatives to measure our sustainability performance.Aurora Organic Dailies 2022 Sustainability Report We provide transparent updates on our progress towards meeting our animal, human and planet goals.

“Our dairy is a complete system and we understand that everything we do contributes to the quality of our milk,” said Dr. Juan Velez, Chief Agricultural Officer. “From the quality of pasture and organic feed provided to our cows, to the cleanliness of our facilities, to the care of our animals, it is an interconnected system that brings harmony to animals, people and the planet.”

About Aurora Organic Daily
Aurora Organic Dairy is the nation’s leading manufacturer and processor of store-branded organic dairy products for US retailers. Based in Boulder, Colorado, it operates heifer farms and organic dairy farms in Colorado and Texas, and organic dairy processing plants in Prattville, Colorado and Columbia, Missouri. Organic farming, animal care and sustainable production are the cornerstones of Aurora Organic Dairy’s business. Each company-owned farm is certified organic by a USDA National Organic Program accredited certifier and certified by Validus, a leading independent animal welfare auditor.

Aurora Organic Dairy oversees organic standards from cow to carton. We monitor the entire product lifecycle to ensure quality from farm to processing facility. For more information, see:

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