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LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas – Animal shelters across the state are bursting at the seams, using every means possible to clear space before the holidays.

Jackie Roach, Executive Director of Best Friends Animal Society NWA, said:

Betsy Robb of the Little Rock Animal Village said they are accepting more dogs this year than last year.

“There is no day that our kennel is not full, and this time of year is no exception, but we usually eat a little less,” Rob said.

One reason for this, she said, is a shortage of veterinarians.

“Little Rock Animal Village does not currently have a veterinarian job that we have had for quite some time, so we have a part-time veterinarian coming in to perform sterilizations and vaccinations,” said Robb. increase.

All of this means a slower turnaround for other animals, at least up to a week, Rob said.

Northwest Arkansas takes longer.

“In some cases, if the shelter doesn’t have veterinary staff, we have to resort to private practices to spay and neuter the animals, and I’ve heard that in some cases it can take three to four weeks,” says Roach. continued.

Places like Sherwood Animal Shelter forgo adoption fees and other free services to make room. And like Little Rock Animal Village, we provide as many resources as possible to support our owners.

“We have a lot of resources at our disposal to see if there’s a way around it,” Rob said.

If you’re looking to adopt a pet, perhaps for a Christmas gift, or are looking to adopt a pet, shelters in Central Arkansas are open and happy to help you and your family find the perfect companion. increase.

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