Animal advocates urge adopters to prepare before gifting a pet over the holiday

Madison, Wisconsin (WMTV) – Getting a pet for a friend or loved one while on vacation may seem like the perfect gift idea, but animal advocates say pets are much more than presents. It reminds us that it is a lifelong commitment.

For many of us, our furry friends are the light of our lives and make a great surprise on Christmas morning, but while the holiday excitement fades, pets are forever.

Mickey Schaefer, an animal advocate and longtime shelter volunteer, said pets, like humans, take time to adjust to new environments.

“Any time a dog moves into a home, or from foster home to guardian home, the new environment can be very scary for the dog, although not always. Christmas, it’s stressful.” I think it could be a situation.”

Allison Davis, founder of Shelter From The Storm, said their shelter caters for both pets and families, holiday or not.

“Assuming we’ve done our due diligence and made sure people were adopting the right pets and that they had the right support and resources to support them.”

She said her attention to detail pays off and pets are rarely returned to shelters.

“Returns are not always something we have control over once they are processed, so we try to support people, take animals back for any reason and reserve judgment. “

But with love, care and the right preparation, pets can be the highlight of your holiday season!

According to the organization, Shelter from the Storm is an all-breed dog and cat shelter aimed at reducing euthanasia rates for healthy, adoptable animals. If you are interested in adopting a pet, please visit

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