Amarillo Zoo provides Roach Your Ex for anti-Valentine’s to feed animals

Roses are pink. Violet is blue. Valentine’s Day is not for everybody. how about you For individuals who aren’t feeling love-filled this Valentine’s season, the Amarillo Zoo is internet hosting his third annual Roach your Ex occasion via his February fifteenth.

Throughout the occasion, people should buy packages and identify greens and critters as much as the dimensions of a hen to feed the zoo animal that finest represents the “good somebody” in your life. This yr, the Amarillo Zoo is providing a $2 romaine bundle choice to nourish the zoo’s herbivores along with its conventional $1 roach bundle. Their packages of crickets, mealworms, or pinky mice got to small reptiles akin to field turtles for $5. A bundle of mice or rats fed to giant snakes and cats for $10. A $10 grand hen bundle given to giant carnivores akin to lions.

From now until February 15th, the Amarillo Zoo brings you the perfect opportunity to roach your ex. We offer you the opportunity to name your nutrition after someone special given to zoo animals, such as this black-footed ferret named Cameron.

“That is our third yr internet hosting the occasion, and we proceed to see increasingly folks attending,” mentioned Dylan Lengthy, a customer specialist on the Amarillo Zoo. , to offer entertaining movies that assist friends de-stress.”