5 shapeshifting characters in anime, and 5 pure animals

Perhaps one of the underrated powers in any anime is shapeshifting. This is the ability to change one’s mass or take the form of another object or species. While most people attribute this ability to nature heroes like Beast Boy from the Teen Titans, many anime characters can actually shapeshift.

There are also many pure animal characters in anime. These characters are usually intelligent enough to accompany the protagonist on their journeys and provide assistance in times of crisis.

Disclaimer: This list contains spoilers regarding many of these characters’ fates and their actual roles throughout the series.

5 shapeshifters from different anime

1) Yoruichi Shihouin (bleaching)

One of Ichigo’s main mentors in supernatural shonen anime bleaching This is Yoruichi Shihoin. Highly regarded as one of the fastest shinigami in the Soul Society, Yoruichi can enter and exit cat form. to be discreet.

In comparison, even her top students Byakuya and Suifen are no match for her, even after 100 years. In her super mode, she grows a cat’s tail, pointy ears, and even claws made with lightning energy. was poisoned by Askin and is confirmed to have survived through the light novel sequels. bleachingof Millennium Blood War.

2) Orochimaru (Naruto)

Orochimaru revealed as Kazekage (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Orochimaru revealed as Kazekage (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Orochimaru like a slippery snake from Naruto Anime makes the list easily. Not only does he become a giant snake, he can easily transform into multiple snakes and even others. This infamous cartoon villain has devoted his life to researching various arts, including the forbidden one, which raises the dead.

Orochimaru has avoided death many times, Narutocharacter.Orochimaru in particular molted like a snake, summoning snakes, and even appeared as a strange, twisted fusion of snakes. Shippuden However, it was brought back because it was under close surveillance. bolt.

3) Crow Brownwen (RWBY)

youtube cover

Crow Braunwen, one of the most drunk masters since Jackie Chan and Bo Lai Cho RWBY Fame is not seen without drink. Considered an excellent spy and huntsman despite this vice, Crow gained the ability to transform into his namesake via a magical gift from Professor Ozpin before the series began.

Crow has demonstrated his ability to scout, spy, and literally oversee any battlefield or situation using this ability.This helps many times throughout RWBY, whether tracking down Team RNJR in Volume 4 to keep them safe, or calculating a giant mech of weakness in Volume 6. Also, from Volume 7 onwards, he refuses to drink.

4) Oolong and Puar (Dragon Ball)

Oolong and Puar (Image via Toei Animation)
Oolong and Puar (Image via Toei Animation)

Oolong and Puar from Dragon Ball are considered more comic relief than anything else and are still counted as shapeshifters to this day. When usually helped. The two may not be so related. Dragon Ball I typed Z and it still counts.

These characters have used their abilities to help on occasion. Oolong’s transformation time is limited to her five minutes at a time, allowing Pu’er to maintain her form indefinitely. Puar and he had to transform into bats to stop Pilaf from making a wish. Puar defeated Vampire Fang Dragon Ball By turning into a giant hand.

5) Rimuru Tempest (That case when I was reincarnated as a slime)

Rimuru Tempest, Human Form (Image via Studio Eight Bit)
Rimuru Tempest, Human Form (Image via Studio Eight Bit)

Rimuru Tempest, the strongest protagonist in another world anime. After reincarnating, I started my journey as a mere slime enemy. However, as his knowledge and powers grew, he updated his powers and tricks, one of which was shapeshifting. He has not only a slime form, but also a human form.

Additionally, Tempest can change any part of his body at will with little effort. This means he can turn his hands into axes and sprout his wings, among other valuable skills. He can also disguise his appearance, as this is an additional skill in his Mimicry tree. Tempest is well known for becoming a literal god in his anime.

5 pure animal characters throughout anime

1) Luna and Artemis (Sailor Moon)

Sleeping Luna and Artemis (Image via Toei Animation)
Sleeping Luna and Artemis (Image via Toei Animation)

The two feline guardians of the Moon Kingdom fell into suspended animation after the Moon Kingdom was destroyed. When Artemis and Luna awoke, they began searching for the Sailor Soldiers.

Artemis first got to Minako Aino and awakened her as Sailor Venus, helping her for over a year. Codename: Sailor V manga. As for Luna, she helped awaken Sailor Mars, Mercury, Moon, and Jupiter. It helps. Usagi especially needed it on her first day.

2) Cerberus/Cerberus/Kero (Card Captor Sakura)

Kero's counterargument is impossible.  (Image via Studio Madhouse)
Kero’s irrefutable logic. (Image via Studio Madhouse)

Kero made Sakura Kinomoto his Cardcaptor after she accidentally set a loose demonic card called the Clow Card in the magical girl anime. Card Captor SakuraIt didn’t help that Kero was asleep in the book containing that card for over 30 years.

He may have two forms, but both are animals. The first is a winged lion cub, a large maneless helmed lion or cougar with huge white wings and a red jeweled breastplate. He gives Sakura a staff of sealing, which aids in fire breathing and an energy barrier. .

3) Kyubey (Magi Madoke Magical Girl)

Evil Face, Kyubey (Image via Studio Shaft)
Evil Face, Kyubey (Image via Studio Shaft)

This deceitful, despicable and evil being is part of an alien race called the Incubator. Kyubey looks cute and cuddly, but this is a trick to deceive the viewer and the intended victim. He’ll give you advice, but that’s the only good thing he does.

In reality, his race is trying to prevent a literal heat death of the universe. They do so by transforming the energy of a teenage girl into a magical girl, inevitably turning them into witches without feeling or understanding why it’s wrong. As his system finally collapses when he becomes a goddess, he understands the consequences.

4) Kirara (Inuyasha)

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Even more adorable travel companions, Kirara from the shoujo anime Inuyasha It started as a loyal nekomata and means of transport for corals.While Kirara can Even when transformed into a larger saber-toothed cat, she is still a cat demon and therefore an animal at the end of the day. Firing and transforming increases speed, durability, strength and endurance.

As for the role and support she brings, when transformed she can easily carry three full-grown adults on her back. Miroku impresses the village women, Inuyasha practices attacks, and Kagome helps transport them to the present day. She joined Kohaku as his traveling companion three years after Naraku’s defeat.

5) Pikachu (Pokemon)

with animal companions Pokemon Virtually synonymous, the anime version of Pikachu is an icon in this respect. Get along well at first. From random lightning strikes to refusing to participate in Pokéballs, Pikachu seemed determined to make Ash’s life difficult.

However, this seemingly small electric mouse is not meant to be messed with. Pikachu has shown enough power and resilience to fend off opponents twice her size and three times her weight. He and Ash started getting along at Block’s gym, and by the time the original anime reached the Johto region, the two were best friends.

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