5 Nations with Yellow Flags

Yellow is used within the flags of many international locations. For instance, the third most typical shade in world flags is yellow, and essentially the most generally used shades of yellow are discovered within the flags of 5 completely different continents. This text will deal with a subset of flags, particularly flags the place yellow is the dominant hue. This criterion is met by flags of 5 international locations.

5 international locations with yellow flags (essentially the most dominant shade):

Yellow is mostly related to the solar, prosperity, vitality, and/or justice. Flags typically function a shade scheme that features yellow and have a deeper which means, indicating a precept or dedication. A lot of the world’s 192 sovereign states fly his tricolor (tricolor) flag, with purple, white and blue being the commonest.

Greater than half of all flags (89) have yellow someplace of their design. Beneath he reveals 5 flags, all of that are the one ones the place yellow is the first shade (greater than 50% of his designs). Niue, Ecuador, Colombia, Brunei Darussalam and Vatican Metropolis are the international locations that fly these flags.

Niue flag

The nationwide flag of Niue is a yellow discipline with the Union Jack symbolized within the higher left nook.

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The Pacific island nation of Niue has a flag with a yellow discipline and a small Union Jack within the higher left nook. Of his 5 stars on the Union Jack, the biggest star is centered and his remaining 4 stars are evenly distributed throughout the horizontal and vertical stripes. Niue is a former British colony and is legendary for its Union Jack flag.

The 4 stars within the flag’s design symbolize the Southern Cross, which stands out within the skies of the area, and the golden shade of the leaves is claimed to represent the pleasant relationship with New Zealand. Niue is presently a territory affiliated with New Zealand, however the flag depicts a big star within the middle of a blue circle as an indication of the island’s independence.

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ecuadorian flag

ecuadorian flag
Ecuador’s present flag was adopted on September 26, 1860.

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Ecuador’s first nationwide flag was adopted on June 2, 1822 and was white with a white star over a blue canton. On March 6, 1845, a flag with three white stars on a white-blue-white vertical stripe was adopted. Later that yr he added one other star, bringing the overall variety of objects to seven. Beneath the management of Gabriel Galka Moreno, on September 26, 1860, the nation adopted its present flag of yellow, blue and purple stripes. The primary ratification befell on tenth January 1861 and the second approval on fifth December 1900.

When flown internationally or for official functions, the Ecuadorian flag is marked with the nationwide coat of arms, distinguishing it from the Colombian flag. It’s depicted on an oval protect with The design is completed with fas (bundles of sticks), wreaths and hanging flags.

colombian flag

colombian flag
The flag of Colombia is a horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue and purple, with yellow being the biggest part.

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In December 1819, Colombia adopted the horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue and purple, which was fought by Simon Borval the “Liberator” on the Battle of Boyaca on August 7, 1819, guaranteeing Colombian independence. In 1834, a white eight-pointed star was positioned within the middle of the flag, and the stripes modified from horizontal to vertical. Later, for varied governmental causes, the coat of arms started to appear in flag designs. On December 10, 1861, the federal government reinstated the now official nationwide flag of yellow, blue and purple. Nonetheless, this makes the yellow stripe wider than her different two stripes.

Flag cantons could embody their very own coat of arms to acknowledge diplomatic corps, naval vessels, civilian vessels, and armed forces. Many similar symbols had been used over the past 50 years, however their actual creative illustration various from authorities to authorities as energy modified.

Flag of Brunei Darussalam

Brunei silk flag
The flag of Brunei consists of a yellow discipline lower by diagonal black and white stripes, with the purple coat of arms of Brunei within the middle.


Brunei’s first flag was a easy yellow shade. The present Brunei flag design encompasses a black and white brand within the middle of a yellow discipline separated by two diagonal stripes. In truth, Brunei is the one nation aside from Niue whose whole flag is yellow. As seen within the flags of the previous empires of Russia and Austria, yellow’s damaging connotations (which means quarantine), together with its affiliation with illness, clarify why yellow is never used elsewhere throughout the flag. It’s possible you’ll.

Flag of Vatican Metropolis (Holy See)

flag of vatican city
The flag of Vatican Metropolis makes use of the flag of the Pope.


Regardless of its title, Vatican Metropolis is definitely the smallest impartial nation on the earth. As its personal sovereign state, Vatican Metropolis makes use of the papal flag (also called the flag of Vatican Metropolis or the flag of the Holy See) as its official emblem. Central Italy, together with town of Rome, was often known as the Papal States and was dominated by the Popes for hundreds of years. To today, the tiara rests on a pair of gold and silver keys, crossed and tied with the crimson strings of the Vatican’s coat of arms and flag.

The flag’s attribute yellow and white stripes first appeared within the early nineteenth century. As soon as upon a time the Pope’s flag was a crimson and gold design, representing the colours discovered on the Papal and Roman coats of arms respectively.The present flag was formally hoisted on his June 8, 1929 . The flag now flies over the Papal Palace, in addition to different buildings with extraterritorial rights outdoors Vatican Metropolis.

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