29 animals recovered from ex-min’s farm house in K’taka | Bengaluru

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In a joint raid Wednesday by the Bengaluru City Crime Board (CCB) and forestry officials, authorities rescued 29 wild animals from the farm of former Minister SS Malikaljun in Dhavanagere city, Karnataka state.

A man named Senthil was arrested in Hebbala, Bangalore on December 18 on suspicion of trying to sell deer antlers and furs, according to police sources. Upon interrogation, he confessed to being an employee of a farm owned by former Minister Malikaljun, from which he obtained the items.

Based on this information, the CCB and Davanagere forestry authorities raided the farmhouse behind the rice mill. Staff rescued 2 foxes, 10 spotted deer, 7 black deer, 7 wild boars and 3 mongooses from the farm.

“We have rescued all 29 wild animals that were kept on the farm. increase. He added, “We will appoint investigators in the near future to conduct a thorough investigation.” When asked about the department that issues wildlife keeping permits, he said no records were found at the department’s office.

People close to the former minister told the forester that Malikaljun was an animal lover and raised wild animals on his farm. In 2000, he obtained permission from the Forest Department to keep wild animals.

But no one submitted a permit of any kind from the forest department during the raid, officials said. Police have turned the case over to the forester for further action.

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