The 1st of September 2013 - the start of the new sports season


With the beginning of September the main sports season traditionally starts in the Club too, for which we have already made an all-round preparation with our adult department in August. This year we are having record number of Kendo groups that indicates unquestionable growing of the department: there are 2 adult groups - for beginners and those who train to make the grade - and 6 (!) groups for children. Groups for children differ in age: 4-5 years old, 5-7 years old and 7-14 years old - and also in level - for beginners and more advanced sportsmen. Besides, we have 2 more special programmes of preparation for competitions - for children from 5 to 14 years old and adults. We expect our new students at our training sessions - regardless of age or training experience - and wish all good luck and success in the coming year to the loyal members of our Club on their chosen Way - both in taking grades and in shiai!              




The 29th of June 2013 - the Nihon Kendo Kata Tournament of JIEI Club


On Saturday, the 29th of June, 2013 there was the Kendo Kata tournament, and the prizes were sponsored by Jiei Club. The results of the preliminary draw are reflected in the table below. (The first person pairs up with the second one, and the third one with the fourth. U means Uchidachi, SH - Shidachi. The participant preserves his/her part during the whole tournament. The finalists have the right to choose their assistants. The first one to choose is the person whose number is closer to 1).  






1. Tkachenko (U)

1.1 Shmakova


2.1 Zarayskaya

1. Sedov (U)

2. Shmakova (SH)




2. Zarayskaya (SH)

3. Astasheva (U)

2.2 Zubko


1.2 Pereslavtsev

3. Solovjev (U)

4. Zubko (SH)




4. Pereslavtsev (SH)



In spite of the fact that the tournament was taking place during the heat wave, there were a sufficient number of participants. The inner incandescence of the event also turned out to be unexpectedly hot.

It started with a separate warm-up of the participants. Then a strained silence that was broken from time to time by vigorous kiai sounds was burst by the opening chords of Kimigayo - The Emperor national anthem of Japan, which our kendoka heard in three different versions, including a capella in the Japanese language. Such a variant of mokuso provided excellent determination to those who took part.       

Then the meatiest part followed - the matches themselves and struggle for the prize-winning places, but its nuances have already become the most intensively "lived" experience of those who took part in it, that is why it is simply pointless to retell it on the site.  

It is only worth mentioning that fortune and good luck play their part in competitions, and we could not do without their help either, that is why the results turned out to be not exactly the ones predicted by our logic. The finalists, broken through as a result of their assured struggle, surprised us pleasantly!

During the closing mokuso the national anthem of Russia sounded. Thus we summed up our transcultural experience and summarised the past season. For our prize-winners the Way into a new Budo-season already laid through the podium...

You can see the photos of the tournament here...




The 7th - 9th of June, 2013 - the International Kendo Seminar and Individual Tournament "The Riga Cup-2013 and the Yumura Cup"




Some members of our Club spent the beginning of June in the wonderful Baltic city of Riga.

The Latvian Kendo Federation kindly invited us to take part in the international seminar and Ladies and Men's Tournaments of the Riga Cup and the Yumura Cup. 

Many things were impressive during this unforgettable event. To start with the mass representation of the Japanese side - 15 (!) Sensei from the 4th to the 7th Dan were ready to work selflessly with each of us during all three days of the seminar and took responsibility for the refereeing of the Cup, while 3 more 8 Dan Sensei were coordinating the actions of the delegation and took their real part in the event as well. The heat of keiko at the seminar corresponded to the weather, - we were training in a very comfortable room during the heat wave of plus 35 degrees Celsius. The only minus of the room was the absence of an air conditioner. J   

It is no surprise that the main participants of the event were the representatives of the nearest bordering countries - Poland, Finland, Estonia and some other, including even exotic Turkey.

The space of the training room and the composition of the Japanese delegation allowed to divide all the participants into the level groups: the 3rd Dan and higher, the 1st and the 2nd Dans and separate groups for each Kyu. The seminar started with the Nihon Kendo Kata to which we were not destined to return on any of the following days (though we had a desire, taking the weather into account ;)). Then Kihon followed and keiko, keiko, keiko... As one managed to understand the Japanese without words, the purpose of this seminar was the immediate contact with practice and direct learning within the "Teacher to student" system through ji-geiko. 

The distinctive feature of the seminar was having a calligraphy lesson - Shodo - on the third day of the event. This emphasized the totality of submerging into the Japanese culture, which perhaps was also one of the purposes of the event. We were able to be imbued with the spirit of Japan during the opening ceremony of the Cup as well: the Japanese masters demonstrated Kendo, Iaido and even Musashi Ryu Kata for us. The impression was left unforgettable... There are some things in the world which are better done by the Japanese only... J    


And a splendid city was situated overboard of dojo, bubbling and bursting with the international keiko. Riga is called "a small Paris" not in vain, but is it better to abstain from making comparisons, because it is charming as it is...

The City of Inspiration disputed secretly the importance of the seminar and, it seemed, did everything possible by its courteous hospitality in order to draw our attention to itself. The abundance of greenery, fresh air, comfortable hotels - that is the way Riga met us. The national cuisine, rich in the local fish, is one more plus in favour of Baltic States. A warm summer night on the veranda, the silence of which was disturbed only by fireflies whizzing by at the speed of light and a lazy discussion about a mass of events, which overwhelmed the city and its suburbs: the Kendo seminar, the football match, the bicycle race, the live jazz concert...   

A new day - and there are fountains and flowers around, contrastingly accentuating the charms of centuries-old walls of the Old City. Dom Square and the spire of the main cathedral, piercing the sky like a sword. The lace of little florid old streets, twining the main square around, along which one can walk infinitely, but for the old cobblestones of roadways, unnoticeably finishing one's feet off after keiko. )     

Perhaps an organ concert in Dom Cathedral? Or Central Market, the largest in Europe, where there is literally everything one may desire? Or some fresh tea and Frank Sinatra's music in one of the central cafes? But no, it is just a business trip this time and one needs to pack one's shinai again - back home. But Riga is so positive, that there is no melancholy. The City of Inspiration is becoming the City of Hope, - we shall meet for sure next time. The Japanese are also manifesting their enviable accuracy in this matter, - "In a year". 


Perhaps, after reading the material you would like to go for a walk round Riga in summer? And that is possible on our website just here.   





The 1st of June, 2013 - opening of the new Kendo group for 4-4,5-year-old children


Since June there is an intake into the new Kendo group in Jiei Club for our youngest students - the children of 4 years of age. The group is scheduled on Saturdays from 15:00 to 16:00 in the Moscow Martial Arts Centre. The number of children in the group is standard for our Club - from 4 to 6, the 7th child is taken as a reserve and the intake will be closed. Such number of pupils allows to make learning individual and targeted, to upkeep the atmosphere of work within the group and control the discipline. Thus we give priority to quality. Learning within a mini-group does not mean only working with any children, but carrying out, if need be, their correction - both physiological and psychological, that will improve their sports progress in the future.

Two instructors will be working with this group as well as with our 5-7-year-old students: the coach with the work experience of many years, rehabilitologist and the Club head Olga V. Feodorova and the coach, teacher and special psychologist Roman S. Solovjev.

Hurry up to contact, please, because the number of applications is restricted!




The 25th of May, 2013 - the end-of-year test in our Kendo children's and junior sections and the meeting of parents to discuss the results of the main sports year



On the day of the final May training session the teachers of the children's and junior groups of Kendo conducted the end-of-year testing of the main sword techniques, because this sports year was devoted to the improvement of them. The test passed as a non-stop three-hour event. The first hour included warming up in the form of a game, the second one - the direct preparation for taking a test and the revision of the whole material, and during the third one the children were having their technique test in the form of a competition. In the junior age category of 5-7 years old first place was won by "sempai" of this section Alexander Guseinov, Arseniy Kurbatov was placed second and our youngest 5-year-old kendoka Igor Kozhuhar - third. 

In the junior group Viacheslav Beliakov demonstrated his ideal technique during the test, who won the undoubted first place, and Evgeniy Tkachenko was placed second.

The Club thanks all the participants and congratulates the winners!

At the conclusion the general meeting of the parents of both sections took place, where current topical issues and plans for the next year of study were discussed. At the meeting every parent got "The Report of Psycho-physiological and Technical Progress" of his/her child in the training process of Kendo, where the teachers presented the detailed analysis of the factors, which impeded the child to train at the stage of entering the section; noted some positive changes as a result of the training course taken; draw the attention to the problems which are hampering a child to train effectively at the moment and highlighted the positive personality traits, which reveal themselves in the training process and can serve as the basis of the future sport achievements. The report was carried out with the assistance of the children's group Kendo instructor, special psychologist Roman S. Solovjev.      

After the parents had familiarized themselves with the report, the teachers conducted a detailed conversation-consultation, where the vital issues were discussed, the recommendations were given and the strategy for their further solving was outlined.

The positive experience of the May event strengthened the Club management's intention of conducting such meetings periodically in the future. 




The 5th of May, 2013 - Easter Day in Jiei Club

Easter happened to be late this year, and as if because of that spring could not come properly... Long, endless, as it seemed, sequence of the days of Lent came, similar to each other and at the same time full of light, sacred and unique.

It is nice to realize the fact that many students of our Club got down to pass this lent in a Christian way. Every day is an effort, every day closer to the finish line of the spiritual marathon - the burden of accumulated efforts... So heavy, that it seems, one can hardly endure it and hold out. But these efforts are still being taken from somewhere. Good Friday - the breaking point of struggle, and Holy Saturday to follow it... And afterwards - "either-or" - either the end - "I cannot hold on anymore, I am falling!" - or infinity. Thus it is easy to imagine the state of the first followers of the Savior - they also has those terrible Friday and Saturday, and they did not know anything about Sunday then... Will it come, and if it were, what would it bring? But yes, it is still coming, and the gospel is bursting the whole world out and transforming the Universe: sin is defeated and there is no death, but this is it - Resurrection... "Yesterday, O Christ, I was buried with Thee, and today I arise with thy arising. Yesterday I was crucified with Thee. Glorify me, O Savior, with Thee in Thy Kingdom."  

All former scant human logic is dying, and God's wisdom is triumphing: That One, Who was humiliated yesterday, today is a Victor, those ones who were crying yesterday, today are rejoicing and those who were desperate, are having great hope... The New era is starting for humanity, and the new consciousness is granted to a human being. "Now all things are filled with light: Heaven and Earth, and the nethermost regions. So let all creation celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, whereby it is established..."    

Happy Easter! Peace of mind!

Let you live in the beautiful world

With your hope for the best and belief in God,

With the sparkle of brotherhood love!

(the poem by Svetlana Ostrikova, translated by Olga V. Feodorova)


This year we would like to invite the readers of our site to a brief spiritual journey. Shall we go?..




The 23rd of February and the 8th of March, 2013 in Jiei Club

In February and March of 2013 the training process in the Club was so tough and intensive that public holidays were not celebrated in a special way. That is why we would like to unify these pre-spring and spring days under the aegis of the Day of the Warrior - a universal holiday and the main one for all those who follow the Way. Consequently, the following congratulations relate to everyone who is training with us now.

Our congratulations on the Day of the Warrior are here...




The 2nd-3rd of March, 2013 - the Kendo seminar and Championship    of the South of Russia in Rostov-upon-Don

At the beginning of March the representatives of our Club visited Rostov-upon-Don, where they took part in the Kendo seminar and the Championship of the South of Russia. Takenouchi-Sensei, V Dan Kendo, conducted the seminar, as well as he was the main referee of the competition and also the winner of the Men's Cup. J

The programme of the seminar, that took place on the 2nd of March, was very rich and informative. The participants were divided into two big groups - those who had Dan and Kyu-levels - and were training in full accordance with the abilities of their level. Takenouchi-Sensei tried to hand down the peculiarities of contemporary Japanese Kendo to the practitioners, emphasizing some specific features of sports or, in his terminology, "professional" techniques. The purpose of the seminar was brightly reflected in it - lively and active preparation for the coming shiai.

Our Club sincerely thanks Takenouchi-Sensei for conducting the seminar with such interesting, actual and rich content. We also thank the Rostov Kendo Federation for the invitation and welcome.      





The 21st of January 2013 - the defence of a thesis on rehabilitology                  by Olga V. Feodorova




In January 2013 the Club head Olga V. Feodorova after passing her higher degree examinations finished her one more long and tough higher degree course and became a certified instructor and rehabilitation therapist. The defence of the thesis took place at the Moscow Institute of Physical Culture and Sport.


The subject of the research was rehabilitation of the malfunctioning spinal column. The paper proves that the methods of Pilates and Yoga have great rehabilitation potential. Miss Feodorova has been teaching Yoga with great success for quite long for the widest circle of people, and, unfortunately, one can hardly meet students or patients 100% healthy nowadays. Her factual work experience formed the basis for the scientific research that was defended successfully.  


The specialists of our Club are not idealists, but practitioners. That is why, please, do come, we long for our approach to be really professional and many-sided. We study to achieve that. )


One spring day in 2013 the students and members of Jiei Club "caught" their Club head who had recently become a totally serious ) certified specialist in a Moscow cafe in order to have a broad impromptu interview with Ms Olga Valery. "Impromptu" means in this case that the questions were not read in advance, neither discussed or edited. They were asked straight on the spot without any preliminaries, and the answers were recorded on a digital recorder. Afterwards the record was typed with the minimum of the proofreader's corrections in order to save the style of communication and the manner of speech, because speech is generally known to be a business card of a person.

Here is the result...


One can estimate the magnitude and topical depth of the interview from the quotations below.

The best quotations from the interview:

If a person sets any task or a goal and really believes in it, then the goal becomes achievable and the task, accordingly, realizable.

Well, naturally I was choosing the subject of the thesis close to my heart initially, the one that it would have been interesting to research into and the one known by my own experience.

To consider the most interesting events, the Japanese, for example, are learning to grow human teeth today...

One may need to have a look into oneself.

...He answered: "I am looking for truth, I am looking for the main thing, it is the essence of the Way I am looking for"...   

...As it appeared so early and absolutely definitely, perhaps it was in principle the first step in this life towards my interest in the Eastern systems and the East itself, including the martial arts.

Yoga is a direct meeting with oneself.     

I think that if I had not started to practise so early, I would not have been able to do a number of difficult asanas now, so I appeal to everyone to start practising as early as possible.

Then the person starts understanding: "Why, I am living apart from my body, it means my body is living according to its own laws, it does not obey me at all: I want to raise my leg, but it is going down, I want to stretch my arm, but it is not stretching".

The instructor sets the Way, the instructor sets the vector, but the person himself/herself must do the hardest job of improving himself/herself.

While coming to a Yoga studio, a person does not know his/her abilities, he/she does not know what he/she can do, but while practising Yoga one can understand that he/she can do everything.

When our grannies come to Dojo and when our grandpas practise Yoga, then a revolution will take place in our society. J

Kano Jigoro Sensei is recalled, the founder of Judo, who defined one of the principles of his teachings as "Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort".

An interval of time is needed, when a person must be "stewed", "melted down" and then come to this effectiveness...  

To see the opponent, to come face to face with him - willpower is undoubtedly needed for that. It means that will can be cultivated, can be grown up by means of Kendo. It is one of the ways.

And frequently, while practising an asana in Yoga, a man is fighting every second, it means the fight is for seconds - to withstand, not to lose one's balance and to keep one's state.

When a person is true to himself/herself and is eager to cognize sincerely, then his/her eyes are becoming full of life and some thirst for cognition. It is beautiful.

And if a master musician managers to arrange everything harmoniously, it turns out to be the same as in Kendo, and a good kendoka is a good musician.

First, even gentlemen say that far from all ladies can wear heels and about 50% of them had better not do it at all...

...And he is finding this essence that God has not punished him, that He has given him the opportunity to go up by means of his serious disease, otherwise he simply had not walked up those stairs.

Perhaps a woman should feel herself to be a person first J, and then to accept herself in this role and realize and believe truly that she is beautiful as she is.

Here the junction of cultures is also taking place, the uniting of the West and East, and it seems to me one of the greatest unities, because the author hits the nail on the head completely and creates a unique work.

They told me that there was no such an ideal Budo-place on Earth (besides Japan perhaps J, where there is its own attitude to such things, and there is part of culture), where young pupils could practise stably.

...It means it is impossible to hold a student or a person by a grasp and it is not needed to be done, it is the way of violence.        

Being both a teacher and a doctor, every time in spite of everything I shall be trying to give every person his/her maximum - that maximum he/she is able to accept for today. will be his/her freedom of choice of him/her, and it will be my share of responsibility and professionalism of me.

...If the need for and necessity of such communication gain a victory over everything, as the phrase is, it means it is some natural impulse, then, of course, time is found, opportunity is found.

I have to say that my teachers are really a gift of fortune.

And of course if one sees the things in a completely traditional light, a student cannot establish himself/herself without a teacher, a student without a teacher is nothing.   

Inside of me I am sure that in order to teach and to treat a person must have a calling which is defined by his/her fortune.

...Roughly speaking it means that here is happening what I call "Budo-McDonald's": a man comes and orders chips - this is Aikido, he liked the chips, so he decided to order a bun too - and goes to the Kendo section.

"Will he/she lead me in the right Way, and do I want to follow the Way this person transmits?"...

Here I would like to draw everyone's attention to the Japanese proverb which says: "Spend three years in search of a Master and only after that start practice".

If a person practises in a correct and harmonious manner, it means he/she will be healthy enough, he/she will be trying to realize his/her potential in this life and satisfaction with being realized will not make his/her end or passing pessimistic.

One can simply ask for a good day, promise to make the right actions on this day and to be occupied with realizing one's potential.

And it is a very spiritual practice in my view, because spirituality is not possible without a smile. )

To read in detail here... 




The 17th of January 2013 - the participation in the shooting of the TV serial "Investigation"


An overcast January morning started in an unexpected way: I was announced that our usual training room was occupied and they offered to move our training session to the more comfortable room number 308. Who could need the whole training room on weekday morning was left unknown, and the training session was transferred.

In the middle of the training session the door to our training room opened suddenly, and the Moscow Martial Arts Centre management appeared at the threshold with the offer of taking part in the filming. Fortunately Michael Shatilov was training on that day, so he was destined to become the Moscow Film Studio celebrity. J

We were taken to the shooting site as we were, and we were wearing the full Kendo equipment. The beginning was as follows: the lift is coming, its doors are opening and there are we standing... I think that it was more than enough for people who are not used to Kendo to feel themselves deep in the "action drama film". It was very funny when the lift went to the ground floor carrying us, opened itself in front of some ordinary people, and we were standing there deep in our roles... J ) and with our shinai swords kept in readiness...

Thus the first part of the shooting was more focused on the outer effect, - one cannot express much wearing a tightly knotted men, even if he is Rassel Crowe, but we tried to do our best. After a short break we were given another task - of playing in Judo or Ju-Jitsu uniform. I even had to learn some text by heart...   

The plot is not complicated: an investigator is coming to the Moscow Martial Arts Centre, and I am conducting a Judo training session, where a father and his son are training (Michael played the part of the father), polishing their technique. After the dialogue with the investigator I go on conducting the training and demonstrate clearly how easily and spontaneously a man of heavy build can be thrown and suffocated shortly afterwards. This episode was leading the viewers astray - it turns out that even a sports instructor can be a suspect.  

To be honest, I was a little surprised by such spontaneous approach of the film crew: everything was being filmed at once, on the spot, we had not been let know beforehand and had not been given the time to get ready. If we had been given some definite tasks in advance, we would have carried them out in a high-quality way. Cooperation with the mass media is the forte of our Club, that is why we are ready to do it with gladness and quality... but it is desirable to carry it out not during our training process.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the job a lot and we are looking forward to some new interesting offers. Please, contact, and we will play any combat with great pleasure!

Olga V. Feodorova